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Conquering Fear of Flying with Hypnosis

If you’re imagining a pocket watch swinging in front of you as the words, “you are getting sleepy…” echo in the background, you might be watching a little too much TV. 

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy date back to the mid 1800’s when it was first coined by Scottish surgeon James Braid. However, the practice has changed significantly since the 1800’s and is often used in combination with other methods for a hybrid approach to resolving patient ailments and anxieties. 

You can think of modern hypnosis as a state of where the patient is consciously aware of his or her surroundings, but everything else is on (pun-intended) auto-pilot. This state is characterized by the patient being more receptive to performing specific tasks, or more commonly, open to the possibilities he or she could perform. 

You might find it difficult to find a dedicated hypnotist that isn't a phony, especially online. It's recommended to seek out a local counselor, therapist, or psychiatrist that can further refer you to a legitimate hypnotist. If you would prefer to speak with a therapist online, you can do so through by following the link below. 

Traditional Hypnosis

Traditional hypnotism follows the hollywood scene in the introduction. This is what’s considered “directive hypnosis,” and is based on direct commands, rather than suggestive ideas. While directive hypnosis might work for some, it’s likely to stir up resistance since most people naturally don’t like being told what to do. 

As mentioned prior, any resistance to hypnosis greatly increases the chances of it failing significantly. You want the path of least resistance and a suggestive approach will increase the likelihood of success. 

Fear of Flying Hypnosis Example

This probably doesn’t make a whole lot of sense at first, but think of it this way. While hypnotized, the hypnotist could tell you to ‘moo like a cow’ and you may moo like a cow. However, if the ultimate goal is to make you believe you’re a cow, a better strategy is to suggest that you might be a cow.

This allows you to come to the solution, consciously on your own, albeit a bit aided. Telling you to stop being afraid of flying is one thing, but suggesting that the fear is rooted elsewhere, there isn’t any real danger, or you can overcome your fear of flying is a much more effective strategy. 

It all starts with belief, but belief alone won’t guarantee success. 

hyponsis pocket watch

Success in Curing Aviophobia with Hypnosis

Success with hypnotherapy is possible; however, it appears the most documented success comes from using hypnosis in combination with other therapies including cognitive behavioral therapy, medication. As your doctor may tell you, it’s a matter of trial and error. No two people are alike and thus success with one person is often different with success in another. 

One case study presents two patients that had multiple phobias and were successfully treated using a hybrid approach. Using a combination of hypnosis and exposure therapy, via virtual reality, these two specific patients were successfully treated. 

Learn more about using virtual reality to cure fear of flying by clicking the button below.

Overcoming Fear of Flying Online

If you choose to take the hypnosis route, it’s best to work with a reputable doctor in person. Simply said, there’s too many scams online and it’s easy to be deceived out of hundreds of dollars for something that might not work. 

However, if you do not have a doctor near you, or do not want to spend the money, there are some online resources that are free to use. Some of these fall closer to ‘meditation,’ rather than hypnosis. Regardless, they’re meant to calm you down, and they’re free. 

Additional Resources

Hypnosis might not be enough to help you overcome your fear of flying. You may need to utilize other resources other resources such as cognitive behavior therapy, a fear of flying class, or by working with a therapist.


Does hypnosis cure fear of flying?

Hypnosis can cure the fear of flying, or at the very least, set you in a state of lesser anxiety. However, this varies from person to person. It all entirely depends on your own personality and hypnosis is just another tool to try and cure your aviophobia. For some, it may 100% cure it. For others, it may only slightly help, or may not help at all.

If you fall anywhere under that 100%, it's best to speak with your doctor about other options that can be used in combination with hypnosis. 

Does hypnosis help fear of flying?

Short answer, yes it can. For most people, even with mild or even an extreme fear of flying, there are some audio tracks and videos on YouTube, like the ones above, that can help put most people in a calmer state. Combining these methods of relaxation, along with other practices can help you overcome, or at least make your fear of flying more tolerable if you have few options.


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