SOAR Fear of Flying Review

Tom Bunn

The SOAR course is one of the better known fear of flying courses. There are three main reasons for that: One is that the course has been around since 1982. 

The second reason is the President and developer of the SOAR program—Tom Bunn. Captain Tom is uniquely qualified to help people with their fear of flying because he is both a pilot and a licensed therapist.

The third reason is credibility—the course has garnered its share of positive press. Among the media that has featured the SOAR fear of flying course:

  • CNN
  • Good Morning America
  • The New York Times
  • USA Today
  • Fox News

In this review, I will explain everything you need to know to help decide if the course is right for you.

SOAR Fear Of Flying Review | Overview

Purchasing The Course

The course is only available through the official website: On the website, you can read more about the course, read testimonials and access free videos and other fear of flying information such as the SOAR blog and “Captain Tom’s Top 10 Tips.”

You can purchase individual segments of the program (see below) or the entire program. There are different packaged versions of the program, which will also be explained next in the SOAR fear of flying review.

What Does the Course Cover?

The Essentials of the SOAR course are divided into four segments:

  • Psychology of flight anxiety: Causes and cures for anxiety
  • The control of anxiety: Strategies to deal with anxiety, panic and claustrophobia
  • How Flying Works: Training on flight safety, pilot training and explanations of the sights and sounds of a flight
  • At the Airport: Learn about the takeoff, landing and other navigation procedures, as well as airplane maintenance

There are many options available regarding purchasing the SOAR course(s). You can purchase each segment separately or as a complete package of all the videos.

You can also get packages that come with all the videos and either a 20 minute or 2 hour counseling session with Captain Tom. Counseling without getting the videos is also a possibility. Additionally, you can get audio versions of the courses. For people with flights in the next 1-10 days, there are packages designed to offer quick help.

Interview with Captain Tom Bunn, Creator of the SOAR Course

We believe strongly in the SOAR program and consistently get great feedback from readers on the success of the program. We've been working with Captain Bunn from the beginning of FlyFright and have always had a great relationship with him and his staff. 

So we thought it would be helpful to have a quick 5-question interview with him to get information directly from the creator of the SOAR program.

  1. From the feedback you get, what do people seem to like most about the program?
    That they have had the whole world become open to them. They can now do what they believed would be impossible.

  2. What is the difference between the SOAR program and the SOAR app?The SOAR program includes counseling to make sure the exercises that provide automatic control (of fear, panic, and claustrophobia when flying) are established. The app does not include counseling.

  3. One unique aspect of the SOAR program is the available phone sessions. Can you discuss the value of that personal connection to people purchasing the course?
    Though the principles that govern how we regulate feelings may be the same, how these principles apply are different in every person. It is essential that the method that controls feelings automatically is fitted to the person's individual needs.

  4. You've spoken on your website about the impressive success rate of SOAR. What are the primary contributing factors to this success?
    The success is due to unparalleled experience with fear of flying. Most therapists treat a variety of problems.  Focusing exclusively on this one problem - and doing so with literally thousands of clients - allowed me to develop more effective methods.

  5. What would you say to people who are on the fence about purchasing the SOAR program?
    There are usually two fears standing in the way. One fear is that the program will not work  and cause great disappointment. The other, paradoxically, is that it will work, and the fear that is protecting you from getting on a doomed plane will no longer protect you.

    The program will work.  Almost everyone who takes it believes nothing will work. Typically, a person thinks, "Yes, I know these programs work for others, but they won't work for me."  SOAR will work for you whether you believe it will or not. As to the doomed plane theory: we have never lost a client.

About Captain Tom Bunn

Tom Bunn

Captain Tom Bunn is an airline captain and licensed therapist and he is also the President and founder of SOAR, Inc. Captain Bunn was part of the first fear of flying program, which was started at Pan Am in 1975 and for over 30 years, he has been helping people overcome their fear of flying


SOAR has the unique distinction of having a developer that is both a pilot (Captain) and a licensed therapist. It is the most comprehensive fear of flying program that I know of, and as I mentioned above, there are a lot of options regarding how to order.

While anyone with a fear of flying can benefit, the SOAR courses are designed for people with a moderate to extreme fear of flying. There are free videos and resources on the site, including a forum that you can join to discuss issues with other people experiencing flight anxieties.

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