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First Time Flyer Guide

Tips For First Time Flyers | Travel Like A Pro With Our Ultimate Guide First Time Flying Tips | Intro Part of the fear of flying is actually a fear of the unknown. If you are flying for the first...

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How to Get Over The Fear of Flying

How To Overcome Fear Of Flying: Part 1 Trusting Airplanes & The Crew Has learning how to overcome fear of flying become a priority....

Fear of Flying Program

The SOAR Program | An Insider’s Look The SOAR course is one of the better known fear of flying courses. There are three main reasons for that: One is that the course has been around since 1982.

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Tips For First Time Flyers Main Airplane

Tips for First Time Flyers

Flying for the first time? These tips are for you! Air travel doesn't have to be stressful, and by using just a few tips and tricks in this article, you'll be prepared to prevent or at least handle the woes that come with commercial air travel...

what is turbulence fear of flying

How Safe are Airplanes and Air Travel?

Is it your first time flying? Or maybe the news has you concerned about your upcoming flight. Regardless of whether you might be asking yourself, “How safe are airplanes, or how safe is air travel?” Whatever the news or friends have predisposed you to believe, the short is...

Plane Crash Statistics depicted by pie chart

Airplane Crash Statistics - What Do the Numbers Say?

Pilots, airplane technicians and flight traffic controllers are all highly educated and possess a large amount of specialist knowledge. Pilots face a rigorous training program in order to achieve nationally recognized certification. They must also earn thousands of flight hours before they can even begin flying commercial planes.

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