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No two people's fear of flying is the same. Many of our readers have shared with us their particular fears and what kind of information and answers they are looking for on the pages of FlyFright. We've listened and incorporated that feedback into our main flying guides above. 

We've detailed how airplane safety works, from the design of the aircraft to the qualifications of the crew. We've also dug through data from the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board and crunched the numbers to bring you accurate statistics on your chance of dying on a flight (yes, that's the part most of you wanted to know) and other aspects of aviation safety. 

We've also covered what to do if your child is a fearful flyer, and even threw in some help from technology in the form of mobile apps that anyone can use on-the-go. If there's anything you need that we're missing, let us know and we'll do our best to provide it. Good luck on your journey to discover the joys of air travel!

how to get over fear of flying featured image: anxious woman sitting in an airplane seat

Get Over the Fear of Flying

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Fear of Flying in Children

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Fear of Flying Apps

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Plane Crash Statistics