First Time Flyer Tips

Some of us have never been on a plane and do not know how the entire process works or what to expect. In reality, it is intimidating for first time flyers as there are so many things to remember and deal with. But, with this short guide, you can enjoy your first flight without any fears or problems.

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In the past, most people had a preference and would call up their favorite airline or go to the ticketing booth at the airport. Times have changed, and you should head online to find a great deal on a ticket. Since most airlines offer, roughly, the same service, it is wise to shop based on price. When buying a ticket online, you can print your boarding pass and check in from home. With this, you can drop off your bag at the airline ticketing counter and head straight to security.

Now, many in the media make the TSA out to be bad people who slow down the process. While it is not fun dealing with airport security, it is not difficult. To make things smoother, a traveler should remember to dress lightly and take off his or her belt and shoes before going through the metal detector. At the same time, one should put any carry-on liquids, which must be under 3.4 ounces, in a separate plastic bag for security personnel to inspect. Then, one should put their laptop, shoes, and carry-on bag on the conveyor belt to go through a quick inspection. With this, a person will go through security quickly and without hassle.

Go directly to the gate: Once through security, you should head to your gate. However, often, you will have plenty of time to eat or browse the stores. Ideally, you should look at your boarding pass, find your gate, then either relax or wait for the airline to call passengers up; or, if you have time, you can grab a snack or pick up a newspaper or magazine. Remember, airlines often change the boarding gates, and it is wise to verify the information by looking at the electronic sign or talking to an employee of the airline who can advise you.

Wait to be called: Next, the airline will start calling for people to board the plan. Usually, they will start with first-class, people with disabilities, active military and people who are part of the airline club. Then, they will call people by boarding group, which is provided to you on your boarding pass. When called, you will need to get in line, hand over your ticket to the agent, and board the plane. After everyone boards and everything is in order, the plane will take off quickly. After 15 or so minutes, you can enjoy yourself and get a drink or walk around the plane.

Without a doubt, flying is a simple process. Once you understand the basics and have done it a few times, it will get easier, and you have a great time.

Tips For First Time Flyers | Resources

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  • Frequent Flyer
    3 years ago · Reply

    Nice Article….

  • Kyle
    3 years ago · Reply

    this is very helpful and i will use this for my upcoming flight, quick question im flying with someone who has a State-ID , is that accepted for check-in process?

    • Darrell Davis Author
      3 years ago · Reply

      Hi Kyle, yes, a state i.d. is accepted. You’ll both need your own i.d. Most people use their driver’s license.

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